Nothing is black or white… everything is shades of grey

I got a comment (posted with ‘Passion’) today. I was very happy to get it. I read it once and then read it again and decided that the answer would have its own post. For those of you who can’t be bothered to go back it basically, in a very nice way, says that I am wrong about Dominicans and don’t understand Dominica and that I am presumptuous to speak in absolutes with regards to a country and culture I couldn’t possibly relate to.

I lived and worked in Dominica for two and half years, in a village with local people, day in and day out. I took an interest in the country, its people and its culture and I came to love it. Its as simple and as complicated as that and those are my only credentials when writing about Dominica.

These are my experiences and my conclusions and I never pretend them to be anything but that. I am acknowledging the differences in culture and attitude that I encountered and how they affected me. I think anyone reading the blog will agree that my view of Dominican and Dominicans is in no way negative, I merely make observations and seek to heighten interest.

I do not mean to offend anyone and I welcome comments like these. I guess I write with passion and some things get misinterpreted. Of course, some of the comments end up being generalities on trends I have observed and, obviously, these can be argued on.

ps: This is another picture from my bele collection and the Paix Bouche Cultural group in 2009.

pps: quite plainly you can see passion on a Dominican face more often than I thought… or maybe it’s just the bele that brings that out in people 😉


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