Bananas were Dominica’s main crop. Since the end of European protectionism, the various rules and regulations implemented and the competition of bigger, flatter countries, Dominica’s agriculture has been struggling.

There are three main kinds of banana: regular bananas, plantains and cocoye. A test for a how Caribbean you are is being able to tell not only the fruits but also the trees apart. Bananas are longer and rounder while plantain are somewhat more square and cocoye are short and fat.

In the Caribbean and Dominica, most fruits are eaten both unripe as vegetable and ripe as fruit. For example, the banana most people eat is ripe and is referred to as a banana but green or unripe it is called a fig. Figs are a staple of the Dominican diet. While I do not mind plantain, ripe or unripe, I never could quite get used to fig, having grown up eating bananas.

This is a banana bunch on a banana tree… well I think it’s a banana bunch on a banana tree. 😉


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