A good hair day

I have let my hair grow and it now reaches the middle of my back, which is the longest I have had it since junior high. I am thinking about what to do with it now that I am back in a country where I can get it cut.

I came across this picture of Sabrina at Clifton school with her hair looking nice and it made me think of what to do with mine. Women in Dominica are for ever washing, combing, coloring, relaxing, braiding and changing their hair. They spent countless hours and I was envious of the results while they always admired my long poker straight thin hair which is given the bare minimum maintenance and styling wise.

I admire the school children, both boys and girls, who sit patiently while they have their hair prepared for school. Besides a uniform it is imperative the hair be impeccable and mothers go to great lengths and spend hours, both with the boys and the girls, getting their hair “presentable”, sometimes with mind blowing intricacy.


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