Hanging out

Once you get your own place as a Peace Corps you get to choose, for some it’s a sacred sanctuary to retreat to where only select people are allowed… but for most of us it becomes a sort of permanent open house. Because of a lack of collective meeting space in Capuchin during most of my first year (until the youth work occupied too much of my time and they got banned for tagging on the wall of the house) I held impromptu French classes in the afternoons. As a result, half the children in the village would pass through.

My house became a place people could hang out and after the children had left the young men, and occasionally young women, would come and ‘lime’. We would sit and watch TV, play on the computer or just talk.

This picture is taken one afternoon and shows the motley crew that attended my French lessons… as you can see sometimes, well mostly, they were more interested in playing around so I got the camera out and got a whole series. I prefer informal shots where people are just interacting naturally and not all posing for the camera.


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