The hardest day… the toughest decision

It is with a heavy and broken heart that I am announcing my departure… I am leaving Dominica on March 14th.

I have loved it here… I DO love it here, so much… But I guess some things are just not meant to be… yet.

My main reason for being here was an illusion.

I intend to continue this blog until I run out of pictures… and considering that I have well over 10,000 it will be a while.


2 thoughts on “The hardest day… the toughest decision

  1. We will Miss you dearly! I love your pictures of Dominica and I urge you to be strong in what ever you endeavor , I know you can do it! You did this blog which have me typing with a broad smile on my face. I hope you don’t mind if i steal some of your pictures. I will definitely bookmark your blog and thanks for the happiness which you have given me. I speak for all Dominicans living abroad when I say, you are a gift to us all to show us the true corners of Dominica like we knew it back home. And to all of you , who have nothing good to say about my girl Ella, just leave your name and address and when i come back home, I will show you what time it is.

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