Just for laughs

Well this is Sunday, the day I usually Skype with my parents. Yes, this is mom and dad. In Dominica!

My mother loves it here and has been three times… and eagerly trying to get another ticket approved by dad already! My father, who is allergic to sun, doesn’t like heat or the beach and is not fond of anywhere unless it’s urban and/or grows grapes to make wine, also came for a couple of weeks. He did ok. Lol

They were very honored to be invited to the reception for Angie’s wedding which happened during the time they were there. And there they are hanging out in Clifton, on a bench outside the Baptists church after lunch. My father is smoking a cigar… the young men in the village were in awe of it as they thought my father was smoking the biggest joint they had ever seen, in public! Lol


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