Les Saintes and Guadeloupe

This picture was taken from the heights above Cottage and Clifton, on the Penville road. I was on a drive with my friend Roselyne when she came to visit and it happened to be a very clear day.

The islands in the forefront are Les Saintes and you can see Guadeloupe looming in the background. There is a lot of exchanges of people and goods between Guadeloupe and Dominica. A lot of Dominicans go over there to try and earn a better living and quite often they move backwards and forwards a lot. One of my neighbors in Capuchin had her family living in Guadeloupe while she was in Dominica running their shop. They have houses and shops on both islands but their children were schooled in Guadeloupe, only coming to Dominica during the holidays.

Anyway, it’s a gorgeous view on a clear day and it only takes 45 minutes by boat to reach Les Saintes so they are very close. I have often dreamed of a bridge so that I could run over and get croissants for breakfast…


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