This is one of my favorite places to be of an afternoon, hanging out on my balcony with my Ipod or some company. Since I was located in a quiet part of Capuchin and Dominica in general I could just got out in my short and strappy T and sunbathe for a while without getting too much attention apart from the local bus honking ‘hello’ and the occasional passerby urging me to go inside before I burned.

Burn I do, and I still don’t learn. I came in with a red nose to the Peace Corps a few months ago and my boss said ‘you look like a tourist’ which is the worse possible insult. But I live here and no I don’t always remember by sunscreen… did I mention I’m low-maintenance.

Anyway, I do enjoy a spot of sunbathing now and then to try and get a tad less white… I do live in a Caribbean island so I am expected to have a tan. lol But I do it more because sun rays are good for the moral.


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