Mixing it up

Sorry, I have not updated for a couple of day… new job and it’s a bit hectic!

Supermarkets in Dominica are interesting in that you never know what you will find. They tend to run out of essential items such as rice but then will have unexpected items like bagels or tofu, which no Dominican I know would touch. You feel lucky if you find the same thing twice and it’s best, when you find something you do like, to stock up.

As a result meals end up being basic or a hodgepodge of different influences. And when you really want to treat yourself you try something out of the ordinary… and those of us living off a small budget it makes a dent.

Beth was coming over to watch the final of Project Runway and we had our hearts set on Mexican… et voila! Not half bad in fact. And with the Carib beer as a local touch. I am not at all a beer drinker and usually find a friend to offload them to when I get given one but I can actually drink a Carib.


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