Say hello, Beth.

I am sneaking this picture on here while she is away! lol

Beth is a fellow Peace Corps volunteer who was assignment, on my recommendation, to a village down the road from mine to take over some of my projects, more notably my work with the District Youth Officer.

We get on very well and we can commiserate and share experiences and frustrations. Which is essential for survival. It’s very difficult to find people who understand what you are going through: to people back home you are on a two-year idyllic holiday of amazing experiences and to locals you are a curious specimen that tries to fit in but never quite does.

Each Peace Corps experience is truly unique and in big part it is what you make of it, how proactive you are about making opportunities for yourself and your approach to people.

I am happy she and I can be friends and work together without her being threatened by my presence because the ghosts of volunteers past are always a sensitive issue (and I’m not even a ghost!). It’s weird coming to a village and being compared to someone who was there years earlier or hear stories about how well other volunteers did and be expected to know all these people and live up to expectations.


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