Ginger Cat

Ginger came to me as a kitten, he showed up in the neighborhood one day and no one claimed or wanted him. He came to my place and walked right in the door and went to lie on the bed in a patch of sunlight and didn’t budge, like he’d always belonged there. So he became my cat… after many French pompous name suggestions from my father he responded to Ginger, so Ginger he became.

He was brought up as an outdoor cat because I always knew I was leaving and would not taking him with me. My neighbors took care of him while I was away and he became attached to them so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem and he would be happier in the wilds of Capuchin. Pets are mostly treated casually in Dominica, they are lucky if they are fed but rarely do you see open affection between pets and owners like you would see back in Europe or America. A lot of cats and dogs… and goats and cows!… are just left to roam. Many are abandoned and I’m guessing that’s how Ginger came to me, someone who didn’t want him drove him away from their house and abandoned him.

He became a big part of my life… coming in and out of the front window as he pleased asking for food or a cuddle. The cheeky devil became quite fat because he would go to the neighbors for food then come and see me and act like he hadn’t eaten in weeks! So I fed him less and let him fend for himself. I would wake up in the morning and find dead lizards, mice and even bats in my kitchen. On several occasions they were live and Ginger was just playing with them so I caught and released them.

Last time I went up to Capuchin I saw him, looking in very good health and he came straight to me when he heard my voice and followed me down the road. It was heartbreaking but I know he is better off where he is, unless I get settled somewhere more appropriate. He has already given me at least one set of grand kids!


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