Christmas in Dominica

Well this year Christmas is not happening. The Prime minister announced a month ago elections were going to be this Friday (December 18th) so election fever has taken over everything and Christmas has unfortunately been canceled.

The holiday season is different here, there isn’t really any house decorating… at most a few garlands of lights on a some windows. Traditionally the country winds down a few weeks before and people go shopping on a designated day a few days before Christmas. It’s more of a social event with everyone converging on the capital to buy last minute food for the holidays and just lime. Mostly people do not exchange gifts here.

Christmas is mainly a social time here and the objective is to visit everyone you know or have everyone you know come and visit. People will drop in on each other and offer wine or strong alcohol and the inevitable fruit cake. Fruit cake is THE Christmas institution here and each family has their own recipe, more or less dry and, especially, more or less alcohol imbibed… sorry people, I have a big sweet tooth but fruit cake is one of the few I’m not partial to… just my luck!

By the way this picture was taken in Clifton Primary School last Friday. They were having a Christmas party for the children with music and food and this little guy was hanging there.


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