Homemade pizza

All Peace Corps will tell you the budget is tight and depending on where you are your diet will be drastically different from what you were used to at home. We develop our own recipes, some shared and some jealously guarded, that combine local ingredients to make something we know.

Some people really get into the local cuisine but besides making basic dishes I didn’t because I didn’t have someone to show me. I’m also not a big fan of most of the provisions and have tried very hard not to overload on carbs as they do here. I also do not know how to scale or prepare a fish properly, still. We who are used to supermarkets have been spoiled. I have also been on a diet for most of my time here so I’ve tried to not make food a priority.

But every so often I decide to get adventurous because I really do love to cook. I was having a group of Peace Corps over one time and was stressing over what to serve because feeding people on a budget is an art. I settled on pizza made from scratch (I really do try to avoid processed foods). It was a hit so every now and then I do it again. I felt like making one the other day and this is how it came out. A little ruff around the edges but very nice; toppings are tomato sauce, onion, Viennese sausage and cheese.


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