I love candles. I always have some around… colored candles, scented candles, decorated candles. It’s one of those things you see and you go “I want one” and it’s ok to buy it because it’s nice but not overly frivolous.

Candles are an essential item to have because of the power cuts. These seem to get more frequent during the wintertime here which is a bit curious to me since there isn’t a major temperature change. But there will always be the occasional power cut no matter where you are. These were quite frequent in Capuchin but I’ve also had a few in Portsmouth. They usually last a couple of hours and occur at dusk so the candles are necessary.

This picture was taken last week during a power cut. It’s the counter of my Portsmouth apartment you can see in the glow. I usually don’t mind power cuts but that time I really had something I needed to do on the computer but I just had to wait for a couple of hours. Instead I sat on my balcony and watched the stars come out. They are still visible in Portsmouth despite the lights but without them they were just spectacular.


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