Flip-flops in the sun

Flip-flops are called slippers here and they are worn in and around the house. School children run around in them after school because they are cheap, easily broken but equally easily replaced. The nice versions are worn out and about though not as official work shoes. However, one of my favorite customs is that of female employees throughout the country: they will wear precarious heels and confining shoes to and from work and in formal situation but they keep a pair of flip-flops stashed in their desk to change into when no one is looking.

This picture was taken on the doorstep of a friend’s house in Clifton on a sunny morning when I went to visit. Shoes are often removed before going in the house, more of less tidily, as demonstrated here.


One thought on “Flip-flops in the sun

  1. You ain’t easy but that is so true..We call them slippers but there are the very cheaper types as well. These are the more pricey ones there. But good job, I like your ideas. Enjoy the sunshine for me.

    Sweet Dominica, Oh how I love her..

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